Projects Open Source

Angular Chosen - Since Feb, 2016

I maintain the AngularJS Chosen directive which is an AngularJS Directive that brings the Chosen jQuery in a AngularJS way. I refactored the whole project, included unit tests and setup gulp scripts, running on TravisCI.

AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Gulp, Jasmine, TravisCI, jQuery

WordPress plugin Custom Options Plus - Since Oct, 2011

WordPress Custom Options Plus is the easiest way to add your custom variables as a Settings Page for your Theme. It works similar to wp_options, but you don' need to create your own forms.

PHP, WordPress

jQuery stringToSlug - Since Feb, 2009

jQuery stringToSlug converts any string to SLUG (known as spinal-case or kebab-case). Or other (snake_case, PascalCase, ...) in any Language. Having or not special characters (ã,é,í,ü,ñ...)

Gulp, JavaScript ES5, QUnit, TravisCI, jQuery